EXPERT VIDEO: Russell Brunson – Founder of This Expert Teaches Shows You Exactly How he Sells Products Ranging From $500 All the Way up to $25,000 via his amazing Webinars.

After the economy took a turn for the the worst Russell Brunson sat alone in his office weeping. His business had taken a direct hit and what was once a thriving company was down to it’s last few dollars. In an attempt to save the business he threw one last Hail Mary and ran a webinar.

It was literally do or die.

Everything seemed to align perfect that night and one by one sales began rolling in. His business was saved. Since then he’s gone on to sell products ranging from $500 all the way up to $25,000 off of his webinar presentations.

Want to know how? Listen to his entire full length interview here. You’ll learn exactly what took him from tragedy to triumph.

For example:

  • Weird landing page tricks that’ll double your registrations and how you can ethically knock them off immediately.
  • A powerful 3 step video sequence that builds excitement and maximizes webinar attendance.
  • What you should be doing in the first 5 minutes to get people engaged from beginning to end.
  • The borrowed closed form Armand Morin that converts like crazy.
  • And a simple tweak that created a 3x increase in sales instantly

Listen to this inspiring comeback story here.

If you’re doing any type of webinars or hangouts, this is a MUST-WATCH.