EXPERT VIDEO: Jason Fladlien – Designer of The Four Part Webinar System Top Five Webinar Presenter Breaks Down His Four Part System For Predictably High Converting Webinars.

Jason Fladlien is known as one of the top five webinar sellers of all time – in fact many marketers put him at the very top as the best in the world at selling on webinars. In 2014, he set the record for most money ever generated for an affiliate offer and he did it with webinars.

He follows a super simple (yet powerful) framework that is the foundation of his success and you’ll learn all about it this video.

When you watch you’ll learn:

  • Jason’s super simple 4 Part Framework responsible for $20M+ in sales.
  • His unique OFFER Flow strategy that delivers a one-two punch and get people to buy immediately.
  • Objection handling tactics that answer the questions in the prospects mind before they even ask.
  • And the “Pitch only” replay strategy that cuts straight to the chase and converts like crazy

If you thought the last other interviews were good then you’ll absolutely love this.