EXPERT VIDEO: Anik Singal – Founder of How You Can “Kill It” Right Now Without Using Pesky Powerpoint Presentation For His Webinars.

In this interview he reveals:

  • Why attendee registration numbers really don’t matter and what it is you should be focusing on instead to ensure your webinar success.
  • The PDF you should be email out before your webinar that’ll have those registered showing up just to hear your offer.
  • A to do in the last 3-5 minutes that will force your attendees to hit the buy button and SKYROCKET your sales.

This new method of running webinars takes about as less than 3/4 the time to write a powerpoint presentation, makes creating fancy slides a thing of the past and will allow you to start running webinars in your business in no time.

In fact, this method is so simple to deploy in the last 3 years Anik has switched 90-95% of his business entirely to webinars!