EXPERT VIDEO: Alex Mandossian – Founder of This Expert Teaches You Incredible Sales & Persuasion Techniques That He’s Learned After Hosting Over 22k Hours of Webinars.

After spending 22,000 hours giving webinars (Sometimes 4 per day), there’s a reason Alex Mandossian is the CEO of a nearly 8-figure business, and a regular columnist at, basically; he knows stuff that makes money.

We’ve got his goods in this video:

It’s called “Techniques I’ve learned from Hosting 22k Hours of Webinars”

Watch & Learn…

  • The difference between 30% Revenue and 70% Profits and why most small businesses will always be stuck ‘barely making ends meet’.
  • The Breadcrumb Navigation Technique that creates a High-Converting ‘Invisible’ sale.
  • Earning your markets trust using the “Head, Heart, Hands, & Humanity” method – but ONLY if you own your mistakes…
  • And why you want to _________ your funnel – because there seems to be lots of sales-destroying confusion when it comes to up-sells.

Don’t do another marketing campaign, create another funnel, give a Hangout or webinar, or do another product launch until you watch this video.